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First off let me say I think it’s great that L’Oreal are spending some of the marketing budget on the new sampling method, kudos to a brand that during a recession is willing to spend a lot on sampling and shipping charges rather than just airbrushing some model who already has perfect skin.

I signed up online and my pack arrived quite quickly. I got 7 x 6ml samples, 6ml is not quite enough to do the entire body – I think about 10ml is how much you need for a full body which means if you bought the full size 250ml you’d get about 25 uses from it. I got the Ultra Softening Lotion with Shea Butter for very dry skin.

  • for 250ml I think it’s about €5 and for the 400ml it’s about €7
  • For a drug store product this smells quite pleasant
  • A quick look at the ingredients will let you know that it will moisturise your skin & make it softer as the two main ingredients are mineral oil & glycerin followed by a silicon and then some other oils & shea butter – some people don’t like mineral oil it’s up to you but this will increase the moisture level and softness of your skin there is no doubt about that
  • This can leave the skin feeling tacky for a while after so it’s best applied at night & would definitely not pass the skinny jeans test
  • If you don’t mind a few chemicals, this is a great budget buy & you’ll definitely see results quickly