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It’s not often I like to write a post completely trashing a product & suggesting it’s of no worth to anyone whatsoever but in this case, I feel justified. I was going out the other night and realized I didn’t have a set of lashes to wear & decided to try the ones from the May Glossy Box – Eldora False Eyelashes – from £3.90.

I’m surprised I wasn’t permanently blinded to be quite honest. After applying them, my first impression was of how heavy they were, they had a particularly thick, rigid seam & were so heavy my eyes kept watering – they were completely distorting my vision. Worst of all was the glue which wasn’t working at all and where I tried to re-stick them a number of times, it left my eyes with sore red patches & sealed up my eye liner so it began flaking off & couldn’t be touched up properly.

In the end I took them off at my friends house as I just couldn’t see & he applied a lovely Ardell set, really thin seam & lovely effect €1.50 from eBay. Just to wrap up; I wouldn’t recommend these lashes to anyone; the glue just doesn’t work and where it gets a build up on skin can leave it very sore and irritated. I’ll put a pic below of the set Eoin put on, I had the joy of having my make-up touched up by an Illamasqua make-up artist after the eyelash debacle so it wasn’t all bad :)