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  • 450ml for £56 / about €68 in Ireland & I’ve gotten it for much less on holiday / I’ve also seen it on Strawberrynet for about €60
  • This is a lovely oil which can remove the heaviest make-up, I break it out for waterproof mascara especially 
  • It does contain a lot of mineral oil so if you’re worried about that this cleanser isn’t for you
  • The bottle lasts for ages
  • Different formulas in the range for different skin types
  • Shu counters are pretty good about samples so ask for one if you’re unsure or new to oil cleansing 
  • A cheaper alternative is; Sephora’s Supreme Cleansing oil
It nearly broke my heart when I got to the end of this recently; I love this product. Even though I don’t love mineral oil, this gentle cleanser packs a serious punch when it comes to taking off heavy make-up, it cuts through everything while still being very easy on my dry skin. Although it’s priced extortionately in Ireland, if you’re in the UK or abroad it’s definitely worth picking up if you have dry skin & you’re included toward an oil cleanser.