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I have two scars on my cheeks from childhood, one is indented & the other is a line scar. As they occur just under my eyes, I’m very self conscious of them and always feel like they cause me to look overly tired & give the appearance of 2 lines extending down my cheeks.

I have tried probably every primer on the market and concealer available to cover them & last year I decided to try some dermal fillers – I went to the Arasys Clinic in Cork. They offer beauty & aesthetic treatments; including microdermabrasion, peels, laser treatments, dermal fillers, botox, derma frac etc. I booked a free consultation with their doctor Michael Flynn who is there weekly for a fillers & botox clinic. I haven’t come across anywhere else in Cork that provides a free consultation, most are €50 or €30 for the consultation alone.

After an initial chat and examination of my face to see if the scars were suitable for treatment with fillers Michael suggested with go with some Restylene & Radiesse over a period of two sessions one in October & one in December to see how they would respond. Restylene is a gel filler that stimulates your own natural collagen production so it would increase the likelihood that my skin would start some natural regeneration while also plumping out the scarred area. After the discussion with Michael the manager Lorraine (who is lovely) came in to discuss the price and suggested a price of €185 per session giving me a discount as I’m still a student – so €370 in total instead of €400. Michael was also kind enough to put in some Restylene Vital into my cheeks as bonus on the top layer for a natural look.

The initial time I had no idea what to expect so I’ll list some tips below. It’s actually very quick & painless, it’s similar to an eyebrow wax in a sense where you might get a tear or two but it’s over very quickly. With the Restylene there’s no need for any numbing cream as it doesn’t really hurt & the needles are extremely fine, however if you’re worried you can ask for it. I bruise quite easily so I had a little bruising and swelling for a few days. The second time however I had no bruising at all as I used Arnica beforehand.

I was thrilled with my results – it made a natural looking but clear improvement in my opinion and added some volume to my cheeks which really helped with the tired look that I think the scars cause. I feel for the price it was a great result especially as fillers have a reputation for being expensive. The Restylene lasted a good six months for me; I visited Arasys again today & this time I opted for the Filler Sculptra to see if that would make a further improvement – I’ll post a few of this with before & after pictures soon. Some tips;

  • Don’t wear any make-up to your consultation
  • Start taking Arnica supplements about a week before your treatment if you’re worried about or are prone to bruising
  • Take Arnica cream with you & apply it straight after the treatment & periodically over the day as required
  • Don’t take any aspirin or paracetamol prior to your treatment as this increases the likelihood of bruising
  • Bring a large pair of sunglasses for when you’re leaving
  • If you have scarring which you want treated with dermal filler look into other options to help such as; laser treatments or Retin-A to help refine the scars (the Retin-A combined with the filler I think has made a huge difference & I’ve a review coming soon on it) treatments like micro-needling, glycolic peels can also help

Link to Arasys website: http://www.arasys.ie/index.php – 021 427 8722