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When I was at Lulu Belle Beauty I saw they had some of the Sleep In Rollers which are beloved of the cast of TOWIE & Scouse Wives, I’d seen a Youtube video of them already so I had to try them. If you’re not in Waterford, you can order them on the phone and pay via Paypal – postage is €2.80 here’s the link to their Facebook http://www.facebook.com/LuluBelleBeautyWaterford

They retail at €22 for 20 rollers and they come in their own really cute pink bag which is perfect for travelling and storing them in. I’ve used a lot of rollers before and feel like they often pull out my hair and they’re impossible to sleep in. The sleep in rollers are filled with foam so it’s like sleeping with an extra pillow.

They are very easy to use and as you can see from the picture I just put them in quickly before bed, however if you want to be more precise you can section the hair out and do them much tighter. I use bobby pins to secure the ones at the front but they stay in very well over night. A blast of the hair dryer can also really amplify the effect of the rollers.

Since I’ve had my blonde low lights put in I’ve been really careful about not heat styling my hair too much so these are a fantastic alternative to long blow drys or curling irons which is much healthier for your hair in the long run. In particular if you put these in while your hair is still a tiny bit damp they really hold the curl well. They create excellent volume, which is my absolute favourite aspect about them, I get some serious volume when used in conjunction with my Milk_Shake Volume Styling Solution.

And the result….! Amazing volume with some loose curls. An alternative to the full head each night is to put in about ten rollers around the crown and that also give a lovely bouncy finish.