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A friend recently started raving to me about Milk_Shake products so I knew I had to  try some. I ordered 2 shampoos, a conditioner & a volume styling product from BeautyBay.com

Milk_Shake is an all natural salon brand – which is actually very rare that a salon brand is all natural and inspired by nature, often salon brands are heavy on chemicals. Milk_Shake is made with milk proteins which is essentially protein rich food for your hair. The full range contains; shampoo, conditioner, intensive hair treatments and hair styling products. For a salon brand I found the price point very reasonable. Here’s what I got from Beautybay ;

  • Intensive conditioning shampoo – this is amazing literally amazing €11.70 for 300ml
  • Daily frequent shampoo – clear formula more clarifying I found; good if you have some product build up €11.70 for 300ml
  • Intensive Conditioning Foam €12 for 350ml
  • Volume Styling Solution €14 for 175ml

Right, so the first thing you notice is the AMAZING smell, let me say it again the AMAZING smell, it’s so lovely, like a real milkshake and it leaves your hair smelling beautiful for the rest of the day. The intensive conditioning shampoo is my favourite, it’s such a gentle moisturising formula, the daily frequent shampoo is great if you’re hair is overloaded with product and needs a good clean, for me I only use it about once a week but if you had oily or normal hair you could use this daily.

The conditioning foam is so cool, you leave it on your hair for about three minutes and it seriously repairs my damaged ends – I’ve got some low lights & the bleach is really hard on my hair so it’s been fantastic at bringing it back to health. I find the combination together leaves my hair so shiny and really soft. I also love the packaging and I love the smell of all the products soooo much.

I’ve had a look around and you can get it from Gainforts Waterford & Wexford in Ireland or online from http://www.beautybay.com – they also have an argan shampoo in the range which sounds fab. I’ve been completely converted to this brand from what I was using before which was; Aveda, Tigi and Liz Earl.