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  • Noble Isle Summer Rising 75ml shower gel – 250ml retails at £20
  • 2 x Lolita Lempicka EdP 5ml – full size 100ml retails at £100
  • Murad Clarifying mask 50ml – full size 75g retails at £35
  • Uniqone, all in one hair treatment – leave on mask – 150ml retails at £13.99
  • Eldora False Eyelashes – from £3.90 
  • Glossybox double mirror compact 
  • Glossy box balloon – not in picture 
I have to say this is the worst box I’ve ever received and sadly it’s the one year anniversary edition. The Irish customers all appear to have gotten this box which was shipped early and the English bloggers seem to have gotten a different product mix including a HD brows product, a Neals Yard rose face cream full size, a collection 2000 gel liner with a brush, some kind of face oil and a couple of other products.
Also; the service which we pay for is for “five luxury beauty samples” ; last time I checked the dodgy lashes I received and the balloon and the Collection 2000 – which some people have gotten are certainly not luxury products.