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Hey everyone, here’s a TV update of what I’m watching.

The Borgias is fantastic, that, and Smash are my top two shows at the moment. Jeremy Irons is such an amazing actor, he steals the show in The Borgias. Revenge is also excellent, a firm fave.

I’m still watching Mad Men despite it’s downward spiral into ignominy, the last two episodes haven’t been as bad as usual but what was once a great show is having serious issues and where the frick is Betty?!

Game of Thrones is quite good despite it having a lot of deviations from the books at this stage which is irritating to me, they’ve even recently killed off a character who will play a pivotal role in book six even though GRRM told them that in advance #smart. I have a serious problem when people try and talk to me about this show who haven’t read the books, it’s just annoying as I know the entire plot. The books are amazing so if you haven’t read them get on it now.

Gossip Girl I’m still watching just for…I don’t know what reason really, the show has become so bad. Ringer ended recently and it’s status for renewal is still unknown, after a season which meandered at times it had a reasonable ending & was a good show overall but it could have benefited from a lower episode order to keep the story tighter. Grey’s Anatomy, I still watch as well again maybe out of loyalty, it’s okay at the moment but I’ve taken to fast forwarding though a number of characters scenes which is always a bad sign. I’m still enjoying the Secret Circle and Nikita – another CW show which is hanging in there too.

Magic City, the new show from Starz is really good and I like it a lot so far, it’s set in a luxury Miami hotel with mobsters & of course ex Bond girl Olga Kurylenko who is fantastic in it. Veep another new show about the office a fictional female vice president is really growing on me, after 2 okay-ish first episodes it had me loving it by episode 3. Scandal, the new show from Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes – I’m trying to give a chance, it’s got a good underlying plot/arc & setting but is being hamstrung by an MOW format, actors who seem to think they’re on the West End stage & often ridiculous dialogue between the characters.

Reality TV: I’m getting completely sick of Made in Chelsea, I barely watch it now. Honestly words can’t describe what an epic fail the show has become.