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Recently a friend and I visited the Elemis spa and Hydrotherapy pool in Cork- it’s a unique pool at the Radisson Blu Retreat Spa and is the first of its kind in Ireland. The pool was seriously amazing, in particular the loungers under the water, the massage seats and the over all stars were the neck showers & pressure waterfall which massages the neck and shoulders, the pressure from these is amazing & the seats literally pummel unsightly cellulite & sore muscles. These pools are very popular in Europe where they also have different temperature areas to further stimulate circulation.

“The pool has nine invigorating areas to promote well-being in water purified by Ozone. The pool has massage seats, jets, bubble seats, geysers, and loungers which massage muscles.”

The only negatives are; the sauna and steam room are quite small there, however the changing room is nice and spacious, the showers are private glass cubicles however as with most changing rooms it’s way too hot in there!

  • Air plaque on pool floor for total relaxation
  • Counter swimming jets to strengthen the body and increase fitness
  • Foundations high-pressure waterfall to massage shoulders
  • Four massage seats for specific massage of dorsal spine and calves
  • Specific massage area (12 wall jets) to massage lower limbs
  • Three bubble seats to release tension of thoracic regions
  • Three bubble loungers to release tension on legs and back.
  • Two geysers on pool floor for total body massage
  • Two neck showers with pressure waterfall to massage cervical pain