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Hello all, so recently there’s been a lot of complaining on the GB facebook page about the delays – mine hasn’t even come yet still. However, the new customer care manager emailed a friend who is subbed & was part of a discussion and shared some info with them. They have kindly allowed me to blog the email contents.

It turns out that GB ship the Irish boxes 2 days early but it would seem this still isn’t enough to avoid the extreme delays. Below is the email.

Dear XXX,

I’m Chris and I am the new Customer Care Manager at GLOSSYBOX UK.  I was reading your comments on Facebook and just wanted to drop you a quick note.
I do apologise that you are having to wait so long to receive your box sometimes.  We really value our customers no matter where they are from and try very hard to get to them as soon as we can.  We do currently dispatch orders to Ireland two full days before we dispatch to the UK to try counteract some of the delay.
The issue is that no matter how close we are, Royal Mail and Customs treat you as international customers.  This means your box can encounter delays being loaded, searched and dispatched to you once at the other end.  This is why we advise it can take up to ten working days to deliver your box.  At the moment, it currently costs up to 50% more than we charge to get your the box, so can only currently used this method of postage.  We are however looking into alternative postage methods on a month by month basis and can hopefully soon offer different postage rates that will get you your box quicker.
Please don’t think that we treat our Irish customers differently to our British customers, as we really do want to improve the service and get the boxes out sooner.  I’m sure you can imagine how much easier it would make our lives too – so we’re really working on it!
I hope this gives you a better idea of what we’re doing here and how we’re pushing to get your box to you as fast as possible.


Kind Regards,
Chris Griffiths
Customer Care Manager, UK
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