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I’ve been meaning to do a post on this bronzer for a while. This was about €13.99 when I bought it over a year ago in Ireland for what was about 10g of product I think & it comes in three shades. It retails in the UK for a £6.99. I think Bourjois is not sold in the US any more / at the moment but it’s certainly all over Europe. It’s a mostly matte orange toned bronzer with some flecks of sparkle.

Chanel own high-street brand Bourjois & natural beauty brand UNE & tend have a reputation for producing solid drug store products – especially their foundations which get rave reviews. The blogosphere exploded with  love for this product back then – about a year ago and I bought it. It’s now in the bin after I got rid of it several months ago. This seems to have excellent reviews but a lot of comments on the reviews mention the product seals up & I wanted to review it myself.

When I got this, I think it was already saled up as not much product would pick up on the brush at all & the effect wasn’t great on the skin. At first I thought it was the brush & I tired others – still no luck and then eventually I scraped the top layer off the product which did help but shortly after it sealed up again so all in all my experience with this product was dismal.

It may be that my one was older & had hardened before I purchased it but I bought it as soon as it launched in Ireland and several reviews mention that their product went “hard” after a few months & the brush wouldn’t pick up product any more. To me this was a complete waste of money & I threw it in bin. When buying drug store products make sure the packaging is sealed & it’s untouched, often in MAC you see they have to scrape the top layer off eye shadows because people swatch them with their oily fingers so often the oil seals up the product.

This overall gets the thumbs down from me but comment below if you’ve had a different experience with yours. Other drug store bronzers that get good reviews are the Rimmel Sun Shimmer, I hate these but the Pixiwoos say they like them, NYC Sunny bronzer which is a matte bronzer I think gets a lot of love from American bloggers & is in some pharmacies here.