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Recently the state of my skin has been….awful. I’ve been using 0.25% Retin-A and despite the amazing results, the downside is the sore, extremely dry, peeling flaking skin that stings, burns and hurts all the time, I haven’t even been able to use my beloved MAC stippling brush.

So, recently I decided to take a break from the Retin-A and give my skin some much needed TLC, I bought a bottle of Trilogy Oil and a tube of Oilatum – tried and tested old reliables. I’d forgotten how amazing these are! Oilatum Natural Face Repair is a cream I’ve been through a few tubes of and it’s incredible for only €11 and doesn’t irritate even the most aggravated skin and when I wake up in the morning my skin is still moisturised and not parched and dry. Both products pack a serious punch when it comes to moisturising capability.

After less than a week, the moisture level of my skin is back to normal and both products have made such a difference! I’ve been through a few bottles of Trilogy Oil and several tubes of Oilatum and after the last week I can’t quite understand why I stopped using them. Trilogy oil also is great for evening out the texture of the skin, I find it very similar in some ways to Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum.