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I just wanted to do a bit of a random post on some general faves at the moment.

  • Green and Blacks Organic White Chocolate
  • Organic milk from M&S – makes such a nice cup of tea
  • Gloria Jeans white hot chocolate
  • Pixiwoo & Elle Fowler
  • Pinterest  (love this!)
  • Blogs; http://beaut.ie/blog/ ; http://www.dollyrouge.ie/ & http://www.pantibar.com/blog.aspx – I check these daily
  • Vanilla Bean & Jasmine candles
  • Glossy Box – despite all the trouble, I really am looking forward to the next box
  • TV: Mad Men is back and January Jones is fat! I’m so upset about it but apparently her character is getting out of the fat suit soon and into her amazing Betty Draper Closet :) Loving The Borgias, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Smash, the new HBO show Magic City, and GCB is funny too, The Wire – still amazing, and I’m giving Treme a go too – the music is sooo cool.
  • Non faves: Touch – what a hideous tv series. Am I the only one who thinks Ringer just isn’t…amazing anymore? Also, I think Gossip Girl is getting a bit ridiculous at this stage, the plot line is out of control and come on, only one of them is in college?! One out of the entire younger cast.
  • Embarrassing Confession: I watched the Shah’s of Sunset and lol it’s oddly entertaining