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Every so often the whole blogesphere and youtube explode with love and obsession for a new products e.g. Naked 1 & 2, Sleek Palettes etc and the same has happened with Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow pots and Revlon lip butters….and confession time; I don’t like either!

On a recent trip to the UK the Color Tattoo pots were out in Superdrug and initally excited I swatched some but I didn’t like any of the colors or texture surprisingly.  They were nearly all shimmer colors and of the mattes I didn’t like the colors. I would have gone for the black but they didn’t seem to have it, I found the shimmers too shimmery, and the tough as taupe was very boring and the brights seemed unwearable and neon like when pastels are huge right now. These seem overly targeted at the teenage market or something when they’re clearly they were designed in the ilk of a MAC paint pot. I really don’t like the packaging either but if I see the black I’ll try it and I’d love to see some on trend colors in this range as they could be great. They retail at €7.49 in Ireland for 4g of product. Needless to say if you’re going for an 80s look these will be perfect.

The lip butters…I think the packaging is foul, it’s just something I wouldn’t want to get out of my hand bag and I think Revlon packaging in general could do with an overhaul. Of the colors I wasn’t hugely impressed, they are all very sparkly, the texture isn’t amazing and the pigmentation is quite light of the selection available at the moment – I think we haven’t got the full range yet. The only one I liked was Peach Parfait and I’m going to pick that up  next time I’m in Boots and I’ll give it a fair chance. But on my hand the swatch seemed..sticky or something that wasn’t very appealing.