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Here are some pics of my MAC blushes & how I store them. I have four de-potted blushes in a Z-palette & five in the pan. In hindsight I really regret de-potting them now and hate the non uniform look of the Z-palette. De-potting cream blush is messy business. It ruined my Urban Decay cream blush, the new formula cream blend de-pot okay but the old ones formula goes a little lumpy or something.

This is how I store the pan ones & you can see 2 NARS blushes in there as well.

This is with flash & from the left there’s Peachykeen, Peaches, Style, Something Special Cremeblend formula, Britwit cremeblend formula

Including the Z-palette and again with flash, from left you can see Tenderling, Pink Swoon, So Sweet & So Easy cremeblend formula & then Posey in the old creme blush formula – this went a bit funny when I de-potted it but it’s still a far superior formula.

This final picture is without flash