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I started watching “Luck” from HBO last week which I love, I thought I wouldn’t like it to begin with but I have to say overall it’s very good, it stars Dustin Hoffman, Michael Gambon, Kerry Condon & some other people. The pilot is a bit confusing but once you get past it it’s much easier – like all HBO dramas it has a big cast & I don’t like everyone. Unfortunately; it has just been cancelled in the middle of production of season 2 as 3 horses have been euthanized during the filming so it was shut it down. Having said that, it is worth watching the current series.

Another HBO drama I’ve been planning to watch for years; “The Wire” I started this week & I’m on season 2 already. I absolutely love this show so much, it’s one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched & it’s so much more than a TV show, it’s a searing vision of modern culture. Again, it’s a large cast and once you get past the pilot you’ll more than likely be hooked. I couldn’t recommend this show enough.

I’ve caught up on Desperate Housewives, & am probably going to stop watching due to the fact that it’s completely crap. I’m still liking Grey’s Anatomy a lot. I stopped watching Pretty Little Liars, 90210, & The Lying Game – all from the CW – 90210 has been super boring for a while & the Lying Game & PLL have been seriously far fetched for ages. I’m still watching The Secret Circle & Gossip Girl.

The Ringer from CW is still a fave but waning slightly, I hope it picks up soon, Revenge finished in February for a hiatus until April & it’s one of my top shows from this year, I love it. I’ve been watching GCB or Good Christian Belles – it has 2 episodes and is okay..light entertainment – I don’t like the lead actress but the rest of the cast are a quite entertaining. Scandal from NBC is starting in April and some great shows will be back on the air.

In reality TV – the only show I’m still watching is Dance Moms from Lifetime, I stopped watching Khloe & Lamar after the second episode it’s some of the worst TV I’ve ever seen. I am however looking forward to seeing the Shah’s of Sunset – the new reality show from Bravo based on a group of Iranian – Americans, utter trash TV I expect but it might be entertaining.

Smash is my current fave, along with The Good Wife. I can’t say enough good things about Smash. I’m also still watching Californication & House of Lies, Californication is good but House of Lies is probably going to fall off my radar soon.

Faves: Smash, The Good Wife, The Wire

Stopped Watching: 90210 (months ago), Pretty Little Liars & The Lying Game (both weeks ago), The River (after two episodes – don’t bother it’s awful) Khloe & Lamar

On the way out: Desperate Housewives, House of Lies

Guilty Reality TV Pleasure: Dance Moms