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The other morning I was perusing the aisles in Boots (never got the cotton pads I went in for of course) & there was a 3 for 2 on Maybelline and suddenly I was mad for this lovely coral cream blush & then I needed two other products to make it worth my while obvs! So, I started looking at the intriguing foam foundation. The testers were all missing so I wound up reading the review on the foundation again at http://beaut.ie/blog/2012/first-look-maybelline-dream-nude-airfoam-foundation-spray-out-your-base/ and looking for swatches online on my iPhone. Seeing the blog post mentioning it was more for teenage/combination skin put me off it & I could tell the colors weren’t quite right so I abandoned it.

But, this did make me think how much shopping has changed. The other night I ordered the NARS Beautiful Life Palette from ASOS but only after scrutinizing the swatches from a few kind bloggers,  reading about 3 reviews online & looking for the product weight first – I eventually hunted it down but ASOS weren’t listing it.

I used to love getting into bed to read a magazine with a cup of tea – now I love reading blogs in bed with a cup of tea. The other night I was reading Elle & was so disappointed with their beauty section – I had seen all the products &  forthcoming launches already on blogs. I find beauty awards in magazines have become so uninspiring & the same products/brands get featured  over and over again – particularly from the advertisers.

The “cult” beauty items in the blogesphere tend to be a completely different set of products to the traditional “cult” products showcased in magazines. I feel like most beauty awards are just paid product placement  & ultimately readers want to find & discover new products; not see the same stuff over and over again.