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In the last few months everyone has gone BB crazy – similar to mineral makeup a few years ago. BB or Blemish / Beauty Balm creams- were originally created for use after medical cosmetic procedures formulated to be gentle on the skin, protect with a very high SPF & moisturize / help the skin heal. They are hugely popular in Asia where a very high SPF is much more in demand than here so several companies have been adapting the BB cream formula for the European market, however they tend to have a much lower SPF. At the moment, Estee Lauder, Smashbox, MAC, Clinique, Garnier, 17, No 7 all have BB creams out with L’Oreal launching theirs in March.

The L’Oreal BB will retail at €14.99 and is a white cream that offers 24hr hydration, light coverage & a color formula using smart pigments that will adapt to your skin tone. It has an SPF of 12 and comes in two tones; fair and medium.