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I hate when you buy something that’s so useless it gets zero use & is basically only fit to go in the bin, here are some of mine.

  • The Skin Doctors Glycolic serum smells so horrid I’ve stopped using it & I’ve given up on it completely
  • I got two pencils from Essence recently – an eyebrow & an eyeliner both are unusable & horrible. The eyeliner made my eyes sting & burn when I applied it to the waterline
  • Revlon Color Stay – this was so hyped & I hated it, it was beyond awful on my dry skin
  • Soap & Glory Supereyes – this made my eye area sting & I just didn’t like the feel or texture
  • ASOS & Anatomicals rose body polish – this is a joke it’s a grainy body gel basically – there is no polishing whatsoever
  • Barry M Wink eye liner pen – this transfers, fades and smudges within an hour on my eyes (got it free in a 3 for 2 so I don’t feel too bad about it)
  • Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss – this burns!!! Like crazy burns & I’m not sure it plumps
  • ELF Shimmering Facial Whip in pink lemonade – too thick and too pink for me