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Right, so, I gave up on the new season of Spartacus after about 15 minutes this week, the new actor just isn’t Andy Whitfield & the whole thing was very boring & I’ve always fast forwarded though the fight scenes anyway so maybe I was never right for Spartacus. Starz, I love you but maybe you should have let the series go.

Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game are on the way down for me – they’re both becoming a bit far fetched and hard to keep track of, I think the CW are losing the run of themselves a bit on the teen drama front. Hart of Dixie..is okay, it’s light and entertaining & I’m still giving it a go. Revenge & Ringer are amazing, by far my favorites – along with the Secret Circle & Gossip Girl is making the CW my top network at the moment.

Alcatraz…so much potential…..so unfulfilled. I’ve given up already. It had so much promise and now it’s a procedural crime drama with some sci-fi wedged in. Shame on you Fox! Dance Moms from Lifetime is steadfastly entertaining along with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills & the final episode of KKTNY2 aired this week. Mob Wives from VH1 didn’t make the cut for me & I got bored & stopped watching during episode 3.

Grey’s Anatomy on the other hand, so many seasons in – had one of my fave episodes ever the “what if” episode was fantastic & I really enjoyed it. I’m still loving The Good Wife from ABC and this weeks installment was one of the best ever IMO. Californication is still hanging in there, it’s not one of my top watches but this weeks episode was better than most.

I’m really looking forward to Scandal and Smash which are both starting soon.