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I usually read the label of all the skin care I buy to see what’s in it – I avoid alcohol, silicon, polysilicon, mineral oil, SLS, SLES, petrolatum, petroleum, paraffin liquid, parabens etc like the plague. It’s rare enough that I’m caught up in a such a buying frenzy that I don’t peruse the label even a little but it has been known to happen (often in Boots…). So I wasn’t impressed when I was reading the ingredients of the No 7 hydrating mask the other night I saw one of the main ingredients was petrolatum  – around the third ingredient on the list which means it’s a huge component of the product.

Petrolatum is a thick jelly derived from crude oil & is actually banned from cosmetic use in some countries. It’s basically a barrier cream that doesn’t allow anything to penetrate your skin. This kind of thing drives me mental, how are the rest of the ingredients meant to penetrate & hydrate the dermis when there’s a mixed in layer of melted plastic byproduct stuck on your face clogging up your pores?? A huge bug bear of mine is expensive cosmetics using the cheapest commodity ingredients, mineral oil, petroleum are all so cheap, the cheapest of cheap & yet here we are expected to put this stuff on our face.

For example; Clinique add silicon into every serum as it makes your skin feel smooth & temporarily look better…while also clogging up your pores! The serums are all over €50 and I’m sure most people want to pay for the retinols, pep-tides and the kelp extracts – expensive stuff that will actually do something not just sit on your skin or extend the shelf life of the product. Shu Uemura cleansing oil is the most hyped cleansing product in the beautysphere retails at a whopping  €76 a bottle & guess what it’s number one ingredient is; mineral oil.

When you see alcohol on a label, that’s actually surgical spirits or rubbing alcohol as it’s sometimes called – that’s right the stuff you use to wash paint off your hands – and you’re putting it on your face; it’s in your toner, your moisturizer, even your makeup. Read the label next time & see for yourself.