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I really wanted this product to work – it cost €49 for 30ml & I’m so disappointed with how it worked out, I think from looking online others have fared better but here’s what I thought. I don’t have huge pores just one area of large ones on one of my cheeks that I was hoping to treat.

Clinique claim; 

“Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum by Clinique immediately reduces the appearance of pores by 30%, helping to create a smoother, younger look. It contains Pore Resurfacing complex, which quickly clears out debris and rough flakes”. 

The ingredients contain elements which should help with large pores however one of my main issues is a heavy ingredient is polysilicon so there’s a slight difference immediately as it acts like a primer & smooths larger pores. I found this product dried out my skin a lot so I was only able to use it in the morning as opposed to night & day as it’s suggested, even though the SA assured me it’s for all skin types. This also brought a lot of blackheads to the surface of my nose but overall I never saw any actual size reduction even with proper use. I suspect the blackheads may have been caused by the polysilicon so make sure you exfoliate a lot while using this if you do try it.