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  • €23 for 1.7g of product
  • I love this! The SA and I had a bit of a disagreement over which color was best for me, in general SA’s will go for a lighter color to highlight the eye a la Kim K, but this can be too much for a day time look & I wanted the one that matched my skin tone better rather than being much lighter & drawing more attention to the area
  • Ask to have two different colors applied, one on each eye and then decide which result you like best
  • I also got the eye moisturizer which acts as a primer & in fairness they go well together
  • It wears very well, for about 8 hours without degrading & can be touched up without ruining your makeup
  • I was worried that my concealer wouldn’t go over it properly but it’s fine it layers nicely
  • It’s a thick paste like texture & you don’t need very much but having said that 1.7g is not that much
  • I set it with powder & have been happy with the results so far – it takes the worst of the discoloration