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  • I’m nearing the end of the scrub fix and really liked it, it contains a harsh bead & salycic acid to deeply clean pores, I bought it for about €7 in Boots but the price has now been increased to about €15. I wish the tube were a little bigger but it’s a great drug store buy
  • The moisture fix was a huge let down, I bought it off ASOS for €23.20 & gave it away to someone else
  • The texture is that of a light lotion and is too light for anyone with dry skin, and there is no information on the box for skin type suitability
  • The ingredients include alcohol & menthol so it makes the skin tingle on application & over all I wouldn’t recommend a moisturizer with any alcohol content
  • Most annoyingly the moisturizer flakes off when you try and apply makeup over it