I couldn’t be more in love with some Elemis products at the moment if I tried. I have had a couple of not great spa expereinces with Elemis in the past & the products stinging my face so I steered clear of them…until now! I am obsessed with the following;

  • Tri-enzyme facial wash
  • Cellular renewal capsules (AMAZING)
  • Pro collagen marine cream moisturizer (no SPF in it is the only downside)
  • Pro collagen oxygenating night cream

The facial wash has been bringing blackheads and the like to the surface all week which I’ve been zapping with the papaya enzyme peel, it leaves the skin feeling slightly tight so I’m only using it as my shower cleanser but it is impressing me. The cellular renewal capsules are pricey about £60 for a one month supply of morning & night capsules but they are fantastic. They are filled with a facial oil which is the most moisturizing oil/cream I’ve ever used, it’s so rich I could even go to bed without night cream. The day capsules cause no issues under makeup or moisturizer- they refine & plump the skin while richly moisturizing it.

The two moisturizers are also stand outs, the night cream is particularly rich & thick – when I wake up my skin is still moisturized. The day cream is far lighter in texture but still packs some serious punch, it absorbs well. My skin has reacted so well to these products , I’ve had no issues & my skin is literally glowing, expression lines on my forehead are visibly diminished after only about a week of proper use of these products which I think is probably due to the enzyme peel & the cleanser, tone & moisture levels are excellent due to the moisturizers.