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I’m using this a few times a week at the moment – Skin Doctors Potent C + Glycolic Serum. This lists a bunch of acids pretty high up in the ingredients list which is what I wanted. It’s about €40 for 30ml. It doesn’t smell great & it has a satisfying sting when you apply to the skin if you have any blemishes. During the first week I applied it nightly even though it is only advised to use about 3 times a week. It brought a lot of blackheads to the surface & I could see cells coming off my skin each morning when I cleansed my face. The downside is; as expected it broke me out in an area I never get spots – on my lower cheeks & I mean cystic bump type spots. But having said that I didn’t really mind too much as it impressed me that it was effective in stripping down the skin.

I’d compare this to NeoStrata Bionic cream, but Bionic cream smells a lot better!