Some thought quickly on Glossy Box since now I’ve had a couple. Starting with the beginning; they sent me the October box without me realizing I would get one when I signed up immediately – so if you’re not sure you love the contents of the current box email them to ask when the cut off is for ordering so your first box is a surprise. The November box was quite delayed & one of my friends didn’t get it until December. Just a couple of days a ago she then got sent three boxes instead of one but I guess that was their way of making up for the mistakes. Finally, the contents of the December box have been pretty badly leaked all over the internet so I have looked & have a fair idea of what I’m getting. I’m ordering the Carmine box for Chirstmas as well so I’ll keep you posted on the contents & what I thought of the service.

  • It ships from Switzerland so allow some time for shipping
  • Be careful with signing up, they keep excess stock of the old box so you might get the last month first
  • Glossy dots system doesn’t always work properly so email them if you’re not getting yours
  • Hide glossy box in your Facebook feed if you don’t want the contents spoiled every month
  • Make sure you fill out the beauty profile – they don’t always prompt you to do it & it will help ensure you get things you like
  • If you need to change your credit card details due to the card expiring or anything (which I did) you have to cancel & re-sub which is stupid & annoying

I wanted to update this & mention my most recent troubles with Glossy! The friend I mentioned was charged for all three boxes, I was charged twice for a December box which isn’t even here yet. I had to get a little….. aggressive via email to get all this sorted and in fairness when I apologized & explained I was just another beauty junkie upset over all the issues, they were very nice & tried their best to sort it out. Having said that, I cancelled a credit card due to a fraud issue & re-subbed with another number, they tried to charge this card FOUR times & on the fifth attempt they just put two charges on my other card – so I was getting irritated.

I think the issue is that there are so many beauty boxes in the market; Look Fantastic, glossy, carmine, BP, and I think QVC have one too, Carmine was really late this month & it had a very mediocre content – I genuinely think  they are struggling. I really hope one company emerges as the leader soon & takes over the market as the UK-I market is only so big and too many vendors will ruin it for all us beauty addicts.