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This is just a quick post on the general awesomeness of Chanel products. I put on my makeup this morning at 7am, I didn’t use a primer, this evening at 7pm when I looked at my face my makeup was still perfect. Maybe it’s something I’ve taken for granted as I’ve been switching around recently but Chanel foundation + Chanel poudre universelle = stays put perfectly all day. I’ve even worn pro lumiere in temperature extremes & it stays on perfectly, which is why I find it incredible that the director of Chanel makeup thinks they’re behind on technology and could improve the formula. I really hope they don’t mess it up just by trying to jump on the one fits all band wagon a la Dior – removing three well loved foundations from the market with one replacement product is risky at best. I also find when I wear other foundations and I touch my head or rest my hand on my chin it can disrupt my makeup leaving me with whiter patches, but with Chanel I never get that – it really is my my top brand for foundation technology.