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This is the most blogged about palette ever to hit the beauty world and with Naked 2 launching soon I thought I would look back over the year to see how much use I’ve gotten out of it. While I’ve sworn off Naked 2 I saw some pictures recently & I want it so badly I’ll surely have to buy it. There is something so tempting about the lure of a new UD palette. Having said that – How hard would it be for UD to include a few more matte shades and ditch some of the gaudier golds (I mean you Half Baked!).

On the plus side, I love the color Sin (I reach for it nearly every single day & people admire it), sometimes I go though periods of using the palette all the time for day looks. However; my major down points are; too much fall out, too few matte shades & the matte browns that are in there aren’t really suitable to do a brow look which is irritating when you want to work from one palette. I also find it way too shimmery for night out looks, when I see pictures of myself with a full UD Naked eye it looks disco ball esque. Not to really pick but I found the 24/7 pencils that it came with just don’t stay on the waterline which was a real let down as I love the colors.

I am seriously intrigued by the rumor of the all matte palette coming soon which I think would be amazing.