Here’s what I love;

– Mac Studio Finish Concealer (under eyes, blemishes, pores, scars – it covers anything!)

– Mac Select Moisture Cover, NW20 for under the eyes, more liquid & is great to combat darkness under the eyes & blends really well

– Mac Studio Sculpt – a thick gel like concealer which is moisturizing, I love this in the summer for some reason

– Love hate relationship with colour 2 in Erase Paste from Benefit sometimes I press a little on top of studio finish if there are super dark circles

– Chanel pink illuminating wand concealer – lovely job on a day when you don’t have much to cover under the eyes or to add some  luminosity over another concealer. Cons: super expensive and it runs out really fast & kind of suddenly – think freak out on a weekend away type sudden desertion

– Boing from Benefit limp in last, I have them in the confessions kit & got some use of them in the summer when mixing to my tanned colour, only really for blemishes, the texture is far too drying to be used under the eyes

Budget Options: Catrice & Essence both do excellent concealer palettes for under €5 where you can color mix the exact right shade