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I got some samples of this a while ago which I didn’t try straight away. Some of my foundations (I mean you Chanel! B20 Vitalumiere Aqua) have gotten too dark for me since winter began, I hate taking foundation too far down the neck, however the light color BB cream is a tiny bit too dark for me & acts very well as a primer while blending nicely down my neck making me all one color.

I find it blends well, it has a nice consistency, thicker than a tinted moisturizer& while I wouldn’t wear it alone I really did like it as a primer. My make up stays perfectly when I wear it & it keeps the skin hydrated all day. I wish it had a higher SPF like it’s Asian inspirations & more colors but if it acts well as a reasonably priced primer & seems to have some skin benefits. It has light coverage enough to even out skin tone but not much more than that. I was worried moisturizer, the BB cream, then foundation would be too much but it was fine. I felt it brought up the level of coverage of my foundation which was great.

It has SPF 15 and retails at €14.99