Today is Black Friday in America (I hate that name) and Sigma are doing free worldwide shipping until midnight CST. As soon as I got home I logged on ready to shop as much as my credit card would permit and I can’t even get on the site! There is so much traffic it’s crashed and I have a list a mile long of brushes I want & their take on the Clarisonic. I’m quite miffed they didn’t foresee the unprecedented stampede that would overcome the site today & purchase extra server space in lieu of this shopping extravaganza.

It’s Friday night & I’m at home waiting for the site to come online again. This is officially sad but I really do want the free shipping & I have a 10% off code so it really is worth it…. In all fairness Sigma are tweeting & facebooking updates regularly however it’s still not working & how over capacity can the site really be??

In the mean time here is shopping guide from which is very good & has a lot from my all time fave online shop ASOS