Aren’t men hard to buy for?! Try and steer clear of the expected & get them things they wouldn’t buy for themselves.

  1. Games for those consoles like Assasins Creed, Call of Duty etc – find out which console they have first
  2. Kindle, iPad or iPad / Kindle or iPad covers – covers are are quite reasonable about €30
  3. Glossy Box for men – I think a subscription to this for a year considering it’s 4 boxes is a great gift
  4. A subscription to a comic – men say this is a great gift; I’ve never been convinced myself but maybe it’s their Vogue
  5. Man products – e.g. make up a hamper type gift with multiple men’s skin care & body care products for example; body exfoliator, foot cream, face masques, facial exfoliators, eye cream, hand cream, lip balm (man packaging is a must) – guys often don’t buy these themselves