1. Dermalogica little bag
  2. Dermalogica delux size sample Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque
  3. Dermalogica delux size sample Thermafolient
  4. Dermalogica 1ml sample Renewal Lip Complex
  5. Leighton Denny full size nail polish
  6. 3 x perfume sample bottles
  7. 1 full size Stila smudge stick in a dark green

This months glossy box isn’t here yet and since I’m pining for it so much I thought I’d review last months box contents. The Dermalogica samples are excellent, the exfoliator is very good and I have always loved the masque. The Stila smudge stick is great to try & I really like it, it doesn’t wear as well as a MAC pencil but I really do like it. The nail polish isn’t really the kind of colour I’d wear now but I think it would look amazing in the Summer  or with a tan now. I hated all the perfumes. Hated them.

As always the packaging was beautiful, I love the boxes so much. Having said that for over €15 each month I’m less inclined to be forgiving when I don’t like things. If it were €10 each month I really wouldn’t mind if there were bits that didn’t really interest me. Another annoying element is that the beauty profile on the site isn’t working so everyone is just getting the same samples, with some colour variants. I think Birchbox is more developed & uses the beauty profile to ensure people get things that suit their needs.

Finally, with Carmine & Boudoir Privee having launched recently, it can make you wonder if the grass might be greener on the other side especially since they tend to make a splash with their first boxes. I keep telling myself there is going to be only so many products & they’ll all overlap eventually as each box has the same proposition essentially. I doubt any company will agree to exclusivity with any particular box provider.