As the only Irish online seller of the much lusted after Sleek make up it’s only natural that anyone in the beauty community would be positively obsessed with this website AND they ship flat fee for €2.

It’s well worth checking out the site, they ship really fast and have a fairly wide range of products. Also it’s nice to buy Irish :) Here’s a very amateur picture taken with my iPhone. I got Au Natural & Original and as soon as they’re back in stock I’ll be getting the utterly famous Storm palette. The black in the the two palettes deserves a real shout out, it’s incredibly pigmented and it fast becoming my most reached for black instead of Carbon from MAC.

As reported there’s some fall out from these shadows but I just don’t do my concealer until I’ve finished the eye look, the fall out isn’t that bad really and tends to happen more with the brighter colors. The Au Natural palette is like a really nice day version of the UD naked palette, it’s great for 60s looks, a matte day smokey eye and really basic colors every collection needs.