So the other day on a Boots 3 for 2 whim I purchased my first Bourjois make up in years. A brand of my teenage youth I said I’d give it another go. I got a face powder that’s meant to matte your face but with a subtle glow – code for it has sparkle particles in it…

Next up was a pink powder highlighter for €8.99 at 1.5 grams in cute little packaging. My verdict is thus; it’s got a lot of glitter, a lot! If you rub your eyes at all during the day it ends up all over your face. Certainly it’s good for a night out glow, although it’s not as strong as the Balm highlighter which comes in at 10g for €17. I find though for a drugstore offering it’s not bad at all. There tend to be very few highlight and contour options across drugstore brands so a gentle thumbs up I’d say.

The two Barry M nail polishes I got are dead ringers for Chanel shades which scream this season are doing me just lovely, so much so I’ve been wearing them every day. The Revlon and Barry M lipsticks I got are impressing me quite a lot too, all in all not a bad little drop by Boots with two free products. Boots is doing 3 for 2 across make up and skin care until around May 17th.