Way back in January, Boots were doing a slew of the No 7 & Ruby & Millie €7.50 vouchers. I got so many that I used them to buy a couple of Ruby & Millie brushes, a No 7 eye smudge brush & an introduction to the No 7 range and some outrageously over priced muslin cloths.

The No 7 hot cloth cleanser is around €10 for 200ml and smells nice, it comes in a 200ml dispenser and I went through it really fast. It’s okay, the nice smell is the most it has going for it being honest. It doesn’t remove eye make up & if you’re a fan of double cleansing such as I, you’ll get though the pump very quickly indeed.

The No 7 Pore Refining Serum – not much to say about this. It didn’t do what it was supposed to and well it’s just a bit of a blah product. It has something in it that gives your skin a glow which I think is a poor attempt to fool the consumer – but hoping some face illuminating glitter will help you ignore the large pores you bought it to reduce is a bit lame. €13/14 if memory serves me correctly.

The No 7 Body Microdermabrasion body scrub – It’s okay… not worth the money at all in my opinion. This wasn’t exciting, it didn’t smell nice there was nothing fun about it. It did an okay job, I finished it quite quickly, it was only 150ml and overpriced too. I bought a Sanctuary one recently that’s so much nicer in terms of smell, packaging and over all use.

The brush is okay, it was free with the voucher, I have better ones that do the same thing. All in all the range is just so boring, the packaging is so…unexceptional. Nothing smells nice, nothing has anything exciting. If they’d impressed me more I might have stretched to buy the cult serum that’s made No 7 famous but some quick googling revealed that Boots paid for the research & TV show that gave it the all the publicity so even with the voucher it would have been expensive for a drugstore brand.