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The one I can’t live without and will never be without again: Nuxe Reve de Mille 15g for about 12.50eur. It’s sold in most chemists in Ireland from the French Pharmacy range Nuxe. I put this on every night before I go to sleep and my lips aren’t dry in the morning. Definitely one of my hero products.

The one I won’t leave the house without it being in my bag: is Burts Bees pink stick balm, I can’t remember the exact name, I bought it in the Quay Co-op in Cork, sold in a lot of pharmacies, Debenhams and organic shops. I love it and it’s perfect for when you’re out and about – it doesn’t have the same staying power as Nuxe but all the same I love it. It cost about 4eur. Not tested on animals.

The Disappointment: The Body Shop Sweet Lemon lip butter. This has a grainy texture, it doesn’t last and it’s about 8-12 eur for a product that’s a real let down. I wouldn’t purchase any more from this range now and with L’Oreal owning the Body Shop now I’m not sure I’d buy much else there to be honest. Probably full of ingredients that other companies test on animals and then sell to L’Oreal to be put in TBS products.

Also Liked: L’Occitane 100% shea butter pot and 10% shea butter stick. The packaging means it’s perfect for giving it to a guy as well. 100% natural and not tested on animals I might add. About 8eur for the pot and the stick is about the same I think.